Memos and Preparation for CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) Exam

List of good source to deep dive about Kubernetes and prepare for CKA exam:
1. Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial Kubernetes The Hard Way
Do at least three times! Understand it, internalize it.
2. Read Kubernetes in Action by Marko Luksa
3. Complete all tasks from
4. This repo here is great for a testing scenario. It gives you 24 questions to answer, a terminal, and a timer.

Clusters for practice:


Good reference for saving time before the exam:
These aliases will help save the precious time you have. Use these during your studies, so you are used to them on the day.
alias kc=’kubectl’
alias kgp=’kubectl get pods’
alias kgs=’kubectl get svc’
alias kgc=’kubectl get componentstatuses’
alias kctx=’kubectl config current-context’
alias kcon=’kubectl config use-context’
alias kgc=’kubectl config get-context’



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