Exam Preparation for Kubernetes CKA and CKAD

List of good source to deep dive about Kubernetes and prepare for CKA and CKAD exam:
1. Kelsey Hightower’s tutorial Kubernetes The Hard Way
Do at least three times! Understand it, internalize it.
2. Read Kubernetes in Action by Marko Luksa
3. Complete all tasks from https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/
4. This repo here is great for a testing scenario. It gives you 24 questions to answer, a terminal, and a timer.
5. Practice, practice and practice!! (https://github.com/fahmifahim/kubernetes)

Clusters for practice:

Good reference for saving time before the exam:
These aliases will help save the precious time you have. Use these during your studies, so you are used to them on the day.
alias kc=’kubectl’
alias kgp=’kubectl get pods’
alias kgs=’kubectl get svc’
alias kgc=’kubectl get componentstatuses’
alias kctx=’kubectl config current-context’
alias kcon=’kubectl config use-context’
alias kgc=’kubectl config get-context’


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