Files to copy when migrating your Lotus Notes installation to a new computer (Windows Mac)



You have a new workstation to which you need to transfer your Lotus Notes configurations and data. What are the default files a user needs to copy over from the old workstation to the new workstation?

Resolving The Problem

The necessary system files are as follows:
1. Personal Address Book (typically Names.nsf; check the NAMES entry in the Notes.ini to confirm).
2. Bookmark.nsf
3. Desktop.ndk
4. Notes.ini
5. The user’s .ID file.


Folder location

The user’s.nsf
The user’s.ID

Folder location
/Users/{YourUserName}/Library/Application Support/IBM Notes Data

You may use the below code to change directory to the above folder
cd ‘/Users/{YourUserName}/Library/Application Support/IBM Notes Data’

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