LaTex Thesis Template

Special thanks for Stefan Schaeckeler who shared a very nice article about the LaTex template for Master or Ph.D Thesis. Please visit his page for detail information:

The content of the template is explained below ( I just copy and past Stefan’s web page).

##### copy from Stefan Schaeckeler’s web page #####

The template holds dummy text with examples for creating tables, figures, index and glossary.



The template includes a Makefile that creates three files:

  • thesis.dvi for fast previewing with hyperlinks in b/w
  • for printing in b/w (without any hyperlinks)
  • thesis.pdf for online viewing with hyperlinks in color

Organization of the Template

  • Makefile governs the compiliation; target: dvi, ps and pdf
  • thesis.tex holds everything together and includes
    • titlepage.tex
    • abstract.tex
    • acknowledge.tex
    • body.tex
  • for custom formatting of index (letter heading, dots)
  • references.bib for the bibtex bibliography


  • the dvi and pdf files are fully hyperlinked
    • table of contents to chapters in the text
    • list of figures to figures in the text
    • list of tables to tables in the text
    • text to floats (figures and tables)
    • text to bibliograpy
    • bibliograpy to page in the text (not dvi version)
    • index to page in the text
    • glossary to page in the text
  • acrobat general information (pdf version, only)
    • thesis title
    • thesis subject
    • thesis author
    • thesis keyword
  • acrobat reader features (pdf version, only)
    • preview images are included
    • bookmarks: the bookmark includes not only links to numbered chapters, but also to unnumbered chapters (title, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, acknowledgement, abstract, bibliograpy, index and glossary)
  • small pdf file size


I changed (but not necessarily improved) the standard latex layout by using bars over chapter titles etc. This can be easily undone by deleting thesis.cls and changing in thesis.tex style thesis to style report.

Required Software

  • a flavor of unix for the makefile may be helpful
  • latex and pdflatex
  • non-standard packages: glossary.sty may need to be installed on teTeX, but comes with TexLive
  • make
  • ghostscript (thumbpdf)
  • optional: zip and ps2ascii


  • 2, 3 mm less top-margin on the index page (I recommend not creating an index page, anway. that is too much work)
  • before compiling dvi, ps or pdf, sometimes a make clean may be necessary


You are welcome to send me comments – Stefan Schaeckeler <sschaeck (at)>.

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