Officially published on IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Dzulfahmi, Naoya Ohta
Performance Evaluation of Feature Descriptors for Application in Outdoor-scene Visual Navigation
This paper has been presented in Master final defense, Gunma University in February 21st 2013.
The paper has also been accepted for an academic publication in the Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition 2013 (in conjunction with IAPR–International Association of Pattern Recognition), Okinawa, Japan.
Available online by IEEE Xplore Digital Library :
*    Authors:    Dzulfahmi, Naoya Ohta
*    Title of publication:    Performance Evaluation of Image Feature Detectors & Descriptors for Outdoor-scene Visual Navigation
Book, magazine or journal:    2nd IAPR Asian Conference on Pattern Recognition (ACPR) 2013, p. 872 – 876
*    Publisher:    IEEE Xplore
*    Year of publication:    2013
ISBN/ISSN:    14197968

Please refer to the below presentation for the topic of my paper.
Oral Presentation at Master final defense.

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