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SURF-based Image Recognition

Here are the steps :

1. Compute the gray-scale and calculate the SURF features from the model image

2. Turn on the camera and get the real-time input image. Convert each frame to gray-scale

3. Compute the SURF features of the gray-scale camera frame

4. At this step, we want to compare between “model image” and “input image” (camera frame).
For all features of the model, for all features of the camera frame, determine if they represent the same point (calculation of their distance and thresholding) ;

5. Once we have obtained the pairs of associated points, we determine the homography matching all these pairs (using RANSAC or least median squares algorithm) ;

6. Drawing of the projection of the input frame in the illustration frame using this homography.

reference :

Application in outdoor visual navigation:

SIFT implementation in OpenCV 2.4

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